Océanis 390 – Feedback young french couple

Damien and Anaïs are sailing around the world with Eco-Sistems!   The young french couple went around the world and took over the entire installation of the boat! Water needs are important, as a result the couple needed a viable solution for this crossing and selected the Eco-Sistems solution. They talk about our system in…

Welcome on board of the Infinite!

Water Maker Splash-25

“Good afternoon! How to install a water maker in your boat?

When I saw the cost of the installation, I have been questionning myself about this topic for ages  … well, that’s how I have solved the issue: … “

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Nautitech 40

A Water-Pro60 machine installed in a Nautitech40. What an honor for Eco-Sistems to be represented in the Nautitech range and taking part of the Bavaria group success!   Thanks to the Pochon group, a very meticulous study has allowed to offer drinking water to the ship’s crew! See the study >>>>>  N40 OPEN Your boat is…


1…2…3 GRAND SOLEIL   Our water maker installed in a GranSoleil 43 by our specialist Sailfish Marine, England. It has been several year that James sells and installs our systems. Today he introduces us to his professional installation in a Grand Soleil.   SAILFISH MARINE 3, Bldg Shamrock Quay, William St, Southampton SO14 5QL, England…