The experience obtained over 23 years in the business has led to the incorporation of new designs, for reverse-osmosis seawater desalination products that are increasingly cost effective, use less energy and are longer-lasting.

Energy savings has been a key priority in developing the whole range of Eco-Sistems Watermakers water desalinisation devices. The company has been committed to sustainability since the mid-1990s, making it a pioneer in developing efficient, eco-friendly seawater desalination solutions. For example, the rotary pumps used on all of the company’s products features an energy-recovery system.

In addition to the well-known systems with ETD piston pumps –a range that can produce between 30 and 90 litres per hour– the Eco-Sistems Watermakers catalogue also includes the best rotary pump for mid-size water desalinisation systems (200/300 litres/hour). This is a true technological revolution in the field of energy recovery for seawater desalination systems of this size.

Benchmarks in the water desalinisation process

The company’s innovative design, development and production centre in Sabadell (Barcelona) collaborates regularly with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Eco-Sistems Watermakers opens up its ground-breaking analysis and testing laboratories to the University, as well as the contributing the know-how of its experts in fluid mechanics.

While focusing on the Mediterranean area, Eco-sistems Watermakers aims to have a commercial and after-sales presence around the world. Right now, the company has more than 80 distributors and technical-service offices in 18 countries accross the 5 continents.

Eco-sistems Watermakers is advanced technology and quality Service guaranteed.

Why Eco-Sistems?

If there is one thing Eco-sistems Watermakers is known for it is that the company approaches its development of any seawater desalinisation system with the mentality of a sailor designing products for other sailors, prioritising technical simplicity and ease of repair (so the users can do the repairs themselves).

Right now, in the most far-flung parts of the planet, more than 4,000 Eco-sistems Watermakers water desalinisation systems are producing drinking water for their highly satisfied owners. Always operating in silence and using as little energy as possible.

Likewise, the Eco Sistems Watermakers water desalinisation solutions are one of the favourites for international regattas, where reliability is a top priority.




Design and start of production on E-300 pump and related products.


Company and its first products introduced at Salón Náutico Internacional Barcelona. Followed by participation in the top fairs in the sector with increasingly reliable products with additional features.


Creation of the E-400 pump. Development of watermakers based on this pump.


Launch of E-500 pump. Start of negotiations with Sea Recovery to reach collaboration agreement.


Start of collaboration with Sea Recovery. Eco-sistems Watermakers pumps sold exclusively through the Sea Recovery distribution network.


Eco-sistems Watermakers starts distributing Sea Recovery products in Spain.


Start of production on E-500C pump. E-500B pump launched.


Launch of E-500D and S-200 pumps.


Development of ST-08 pump.


End of exclusive distribution contract with Sea Recovery.


Eco-sistems Watermakers once again begin selling full systems using proprietary technology.


Beginning of internationalisation project. Expansion of international distribution network. Evolution of ST-08 pump to ST-08-PRO, resulting in notable improvements in performance and reliability.


Launch of new EFFICIENT rotary pump and manufacturing first units of EFFICIENT 200/300 automatic series. Updating S-200 high-pressure pump to S-200-PRO.


After 3 years of study, the R & D & I department finishes the prototype of the most efficient pump, created to meet the needs in the terrestrial sector, the “Efficient T-2000”.


A process of international expansion begins, endorsed and guaranteed by an exhaustive quality control. An important distribution network and Technical Assistance Service (SAT) is created around the world.


Eco-Sistems Watermakers takes the lead in the seawater purification market and begins to obtain great alliances to respond to global demand. The Fluidra Group, a multinational company dedicated to water treatment, is part of the shareholders.