Energy-saving watermakers for human, agricultural or industrial use from seawater, saltwater or contaminated freshwater.

Discover the Eco-Sistems Watermakers land solutions and find the best one for your home or business.

Land-based Efficient Watermker

The EFFICIENT watermakers are fully autonomous devices, portable or fixed depending on the model, that can produce 200, 300, 2,000 or 4,000 litres of drinking water per hour for human, agricultural or industrial use.

The main feature of the EFFICIENT Watermakers series is its patented energy-recovery system, which considerably reduces the power needed, using up to 80% less than the rest of the devices available on the market.

The EFFICIENT T-2000/400 models feature the most advanced Eco-Sistems Watermakers technology and can make any sort of saltwater drinkable: from that extracted directly from the sea to that from saline phreatic layers.

It is important to note that, in addition to eliminating contaminating salts, the process also gets rid of any viruses and bacteria, which are trapped in the system’s innovative reverse-osmosis filtration membranes.

Land-based Integral – Water-Pro watermaker

These watermakers feature the ST-15 Ceramic boxer pump. As it uses very little power, this land-based device is perfect for use at home, in shops or small-scale industry. Production: 60 or 90 L/h.

The Integral – Water-Pro watermaker series features ST-15 Ceramic high-pressure pumps. The land-based watermakers in this line produce between 60 and 90 litres of drinkable water per hour and are available in BASIC (manual flush) and STANDARD (automatic flush) models, operating on 12V and 24V DC or 220V AC power. They have an integrated filter membrane.

This boxer pump is designed for use in homes, shops, boats and small-scale industry. The patented ETD (Energy Transfer Device) systems recover energy in the form of pressure that accumulates in the water leaving the membranes, increasing the input water pressure with each cycle. This way, the output water pressure of the pump increases until it reaches the pressure needed for the osmosis process.