The EFFICIENT T-200 watermaker is a fully autonomous device, portable or fixed depending on the model, that can produce 200 litres of drinking water per hour for human, agricultural or industrial use from seawater, saltwater or contaminated freshwater.

The main feature of the EFFICIENT T-200 is its patented energy-recovery system, which considerably reduces the power needed, using up to 80% less than the rest of the devices available on the market.

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    200 l. / hour

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    220V AC monophsic | 220V AC triphasic | 380V AC triphásic with neutral

The EFFICIENT T-200 can make any sort of saltwater drinkable: from that extracted directly from the sea to that from saline phreatic layers. It is important to note that, in addition to eliminating contaminating salts, the process also gets rid of any viruses and bacteria, which are trapped in the system’s innovative reverse-osmosis filtration membranes.

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200 l. / h.


220V AC monophasic, 220V AC three-phase, 380V AC neutral three phase


Min. 14 m., Land based use