Featuring the S-200 ceramic boxer pump. Its most noteworthy feature is the integrated filtering membrane. No high-pressure tubes required. Production: 25 or 30 L/h.

From € 3,990 (taxes excluded)

The SPLASH line of boat watermakers are the simplest, smallest compact desalinisation systems in the whole range of Eco-sistems Watermakers water desalinisation solutions.

Perfect for boats (especially sailboats and small motorboats). It’s a boxer pump specially designed to desalinate enough seawater to cover the basic water needs on board. Low-energy-use water desalinisation process (uses up to 80% less power).

The SPLASH boat watermakers feature a ceramic S-200 high-pressure pump. This boxer pump has a membrane for reverse-osmosis desalinisation, in one integrated piece, thus making it unnecessary to install high-pressure tubes.

> Effective production between 25 and 35 litres per hour, depending on the model.

> Choice of manual flush (basic) or automatic flush (standard).

> Automatic pressure control.

> Very quiet, without vibrations.

> Available in 12V and 24V DC.

> Reliable, simple, easy to install system, even by the user.

> Very small in size.

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