The Eco-Sistems water purification system offers the simplest and most efficient tool on the market.

By choosing the easiest, fastest and most effective option to treat non-potable water, you will be able to save 80% of energy consumption thanks to our patented energy recovery system.

Our reverse osmosis water purification technology, innovative and flexible, instantly produces drinking water (our capacity ranges from 25 liters to 4000 liters per hour) and is intended to cover human, agricultural or industrial consumption of water by the treatment of sea water, salt water or contaminated fresh water, obtained by direct aspiration from the sea or from existing groundwater.

Our systems are perfect for boats, sailing and motor boats and homes, businesses or small industries. Ideal for installations with limited energy resources and places near the sea with limited access to drinking water.

  • Eco-sistems Watermakers
    Boats or land
  • Eco-sistems Watermakers
    Modular or compact
  • null
    From 25 to 4,000 liters / hour
  • null
    12v – 24v DC | 220V AC | 380V AC
  • Use at sea or on land
  • Produces 25 liters to 4,000 liters of water per hour, depending on model
  • Low power consumption
  • An innovative energy recovery system that allows considerable savings at all levels
  • Silent system and less vibration
  • Optional Remote Control Panel
  • Very easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Reduced sizes and compact devices
  • Compact or modular, depending on model
  • Automatic pressure control
  • Available in 12v, 24v DC, AC and 220v 380V AC
  • Instant production of quality water
  • Fresh water flushing system (manual, automatic or programmable)


25 o 30 liters / hour | 12v – 24v DC

From € 3,990 (taxes excluded)


60 o 90 liters / hour | 12v – 24v DC / 220v AC | Compact or modular

From € 6,490 (taxes excluded)


200 o 300 liters / hour | 220v AC monophasic – triphasic / 380v AC triphasic neutral

From € 16,490 (taxes excluded)


2.000 o 4.000 liters / hour | 220v AC monophsic – triphsic / 380v AC triphasic neutral

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