Featuring the EFFICIENT rotary pump, with the most advanced Watermaker technology. Production: 200 or 300 l/h.

From € 16,490 (taxes excluded)

The EFFICIENT COMPACT-A series of boat watermakers feature the new EFFICIENT rotary pump, which can produce from 200 to more than 300 litres of drinkable water per hour. This line of seawater desalinisation devices features an innovative energy-recovery system, which drastically reduces power use.

The models in this series offer highly automatic control of the water desalinisation process, as well as monitoring pressure, flow and salinity (among other things) for effective self-regulated production.

The EFFICIENT seawater desalinisation devices feature a compact structure. The membranes, high-pressure pump, distribution valves and controls are all housed in the same unit. For easier setup, the pre-filters and the feed pump come separately.

Although the system features a notable level of automation, it is very easy to activate the manual mode.

This system is controlled using a digital panel, which includes an LCD screen providing updated information on the working parameters (pressure, flow, salinity, etc.) at all times, as well as warnings or guidance for the user.

They can also be equipped with a remote control panel, which can be installed in the cockpit or anywhere else on the boat.

Other notable features:

> Small size for production level.

> New high-performance reverse-osmosis membranes housed in new high-grade stainless steel containers.

> Novel automatic, programmable weekly freshwater flush system.

The EFFICIENT watermakers have been designed for use on vessels between 16 and 25 metres long equipped with an AC generator.

Dessalinisation system 200 liters/hour


Watermaker Efficient T-300