Eco-Sistems colaborador del proyecto “Planète en Commun”

Eco-Sistems, socio técnico de Planet in Common (…). Eco-Sistems apoya este proyecto humano en todos los rincones del mundo. ¡Sigue las aventuras de Planet in Common and Eco-Sistems! Conocida en el Salón Náutico de Düsseldorf por Sandrine y Jean-Luc en enero de 2017, la empresa española EcoSistems se ha unido al Club de Socios de…

OCEANIS 45 “Selin”

 One of our last installation made by our distributor team PACIFIK MARIN in an Oceanis 45. Our Splash-25 has been really successful this season and keeps providing more water! You can count on a high level of assistance! PASIFIK MARIN Pasifik Turizm Tic.Ltd Çiçekpazarı Sk.28-30 No:301 Istanbul-Turkey Tel: +90 212 527 48 00 Cep:+90…

Océanis 390 – Feedback young french couple

Damien and Anaïs are sailing around the world with Eco-Sistems!   The young french couple went around the world and took over the entire installation of the boat! Water needs are important, as a result the couple needed a viable solution for this crossing and selected the Eco-Sistems solution. They talk about our system in…

Welcome on board of the Infinite!

Water Maker Splash-25 “Good afternoon! How to install a water maker in your boat? When I saw the cost of the installation, I have been questionning myself about this topic for ages  … well, that’s how I have solved the issue: … “ If you want to see more about what customers say >>> HERE!


Our water-maker has no secret for the sailboat team Miss Regina! If you also want to be an expert about our range, visit the BLOG of Miss Regina and follow the adventures of our installed water maker, FUEL FOR LIFE !